Kerri's Kritters

Boer Goats, Guineas, Collies, and Chickens


I have a variety of guinea for sale.  There are various ages and colors. Give me a call or e-mail for details.



Of all my barnyard kritters Guineas are by far my favorite!  They are so entertaining to watch.  They are non-stop movement.  They are either combing the yard and fields for bugs or chasing each other around. 

Guineas are wonderful to diminish the bug population.  They are much easier on the garden then chickens are. Guineas will rid your garden of pesky bugs and very seldom munch on the veggies.  You do have to watch for dust bathing if you have young sprouts because every guinea loves good soft dirt to bath in!  They are very vocal animals.  The males make a chattering noise when something new comes around.  The females also make the chattering noise but also make a two syllable sound that sounds like "buck-wheat."

  The young guineas, under a year old, are much more vocal than the older guineas.  Unfortunately not all neighbors enjoy the "buck-wheat" song.